All important questions are answered for you here!

How much work will I receive from Young Translators?

This depends on the quantity and size of the orders we receive. We therefore cannot guarantee a fixed number of translation assignments per week. ​
You work only when you can, if you are unavailable, we will work with another translator/reviser. We do expect a certain level of availability, so we can help clients together!

Does it matter how much time I spend on a translation?

No, as long as you finish a translation in time, it does not matter how long it takes.
A translator processes an average of 700 words per hour, which is an hourly wage of €24,75.
A reviser processes an average of 2,000 words per hour, which is an hourly wage of €26,00.
Know your translation speed and plan accordingly.

When am I expected to be available?

We expect you to be able to translate 6,000 words or revise 10,000 words per week. What if you cannot temporarily reach these numbers, for example due to a holiday or illness? Let us know! We will work with another translator/reviser during that period.
You can report your absence HERE.

What if my translation contains an error?

It is expected that you do everything you can to deliver a perfect translation. Errors can occur, and these will be corrected by a reviser.
The reviser summarises your improvements in an “Improvement Table”, so that we can work on your development together.
We collect data from the improvement tables to see which translators have the best scores. A better score means more work. ​
You can avoid many errors by revising the translation multiple times, asking for advice from the reviser and by regularly checking the Staff Portal.
We bear the responsibility towards the client. So they cannot hold you financially liable. This does not apply to a breach of confidentiality!

Why do we work with a confidentiality statement?

All texts are the property of the client, not Young Translators. Some documents also contain sensitive information.
Violation of their copyright can have legal consequences. You are personally liable if you share a translation with third parties. A confidentiality statement is therefore actually a confirmation of the customer’s copyright. You can download the confidentiality statement HERE.

Where can I report something anonymously?

Feedback improves us. That is why it is important to us that you are always able to report anything.
In the staff survey you can give feedback about our general working method. Based on this, an improvement plan is drawn up every six months. You can fill out the staff survey HERE. ​
Do you prefer to report something anonymously? For all anonymous reports, you can fill out this form (click HERE). Please describe the situation in as much detailed as possible, because we cannot ask additional questions. ​
Other communication is always possible via Martijn Logtenberg. If necessary, he can refer you to the right person.

What about payments?

That depends on your connection with us (freelance, initial or contractual), which is why we have devoted a separate page to it. You can go there by clicking HERE!

I have a different question...

You can send all questions about your work to Martijn (Staff Manager). He can be reached at +316 42352120 or at ​
Do you have a question about the contents of a project? Ask the project manager (your contact for the translation assignment).