Thanks to your work we can guarantee the quality of our translations. Of course, this requires appropriate compensation. Because we offer flexible side jobs, we are also flexible in our payment arrangements. This means that we can work with you in several different ways. These ways are: ​ ​​
​ ​ ​
  1. Based on an hourly contract (0 hour contract)
  2. Based on freelance
  3. Based on initial assignment
​ ​ ​ If you do not know which one applies to you, we are likely working with you based on initial assignment. Each option has its own benefits and it is up to you which one you choose! ​
If you would like to work with us in another way, you can contact: ​​
​ Martijn Logtenberg (Staff Manager)​​​​
+316 42352120

How much do I get paid?

This depends on each assignment. You will always be notified of your compensation in advance, after which you can choose to accept or reject the assignment. You will always be paid based on word count and you will always be told whether or not the text contains professional language, as your salary partly depends on this. This can be summed up as:

NOTE: These rates may vary! You will be notified of the compensation in advance, which is binding.

Professional language
You will be paid a professional language rate if the text you are working with contains so many technical terms that you need additional research time. This will be estimated by your project manager (your contact for the translation). In short: ​

Definition 1st grade professional language: A translation that requires above average knowledge about the domain in which it is translated and contains terms that require further research. ​

Definition 2nd grade professional language: A translation so complex that complete knowledge of the domain in which it is translated is essential.
We distinguish two types of urgency. Firstly, projects with a workload of more than 2.000 words per day. Secondly, translations to be delivered within 12 hours. The definitions are as follows: ​

Standard: Translations with a workload of more than 2,000 words per day and a deadline of more than 48 hours OR translations with a word count above 2,000 words and a 48-hour deadline or shorter OR any translation to be delivered within 24 hours, regardless of the word count.

​ 12h: Any translation to be delivered within 12 hours, regardless of the word count. ​

Translations within 48 hours and under 2,000 words are delivered within 48 hours by default, so these are not deemed urgent. For the project duration (and therefore workload and deadline), we look at the moment the project is received by the project manager until the moment the project manager delivers the project to the customer. ​
Extra costs:
This is the gross compensation. Any transfer costs will be deducted from the compensation you receive. If you are employed by us and you do not use a payroll tax credit, the payroll tax (36.55%) will also be deducted from this.

​ If you are a freelancer, you may charge 21% on top of your compensation to pay VAT, if local tax authorities require you to do so. ​

How do payments work?

We can pay through different channels, whichever is most convenient for you. If you wish to be paid in a different way, you can discuss this with Martijn Logtenberg. You can receive payments via: ​

  1. Bank transfer
  2. PayPal
  3. TransferWise
  4. Freelance platform (Note! Commission fees will be deducted from the compensation)
​ ​ If you live in the Netherlands, a bank transfer is the most convenient. If you live outside of Europe, PayPal or TransferWise are cheaper. Are you not sure whether you got paid? We transfer everything via our bank account (NL88 RABO 0323 2902 56 in the name of Young Translators) or via PayPal ( ​
It also depends on your connection with us. We will look at all the ways separately.
Based on a hourly contract (0 hour contract)

With this, you are employed by us and we handle your administration. You will receive a payslip from us every month and an estimated time sheet based on the amount of words translated. We also have to report this to the tax authorities. ​​

Payments are often processed after the tax return and after sending the payslips and time sheets. This is usually the first weekend of the month. You will then always receive payment for the month prior (first day of the month up to and including the last day of the month).​
Based on freelance

The benefit of working freelance is that you are not exclusive to us and can combine this with, for example, other (translation) work that you do independently. ​
Upon request, we can tell you for which assignments you still need to get paid, this is in our administration and we have an invoice format (click HERE) to make it easier. All you have to do is fill in the format and send it back to us ( Of course, you may also create your own invoices, if you wish. The invoice must contain certain information from us.

Company name:                                         Young Translators VOF
Contact:                                                       Martijn Logtenberg
Adres:                                                           De Eelinkes 22
Postcode and location:                             7101 PX Winterswijk
Country:                                                       The Netherlands
KvK number:                                                69682275
OB number (Tax number):                       NL857966182B01 (if you’re not registrered in the Netherlands)

You are responsible for tax payments and may only charge VAT on the invoices if you also pay this yourself. Reverse-charging is also an option, but always state this on the invoice! ​

We work with a payment term of 14 days. When you send an invoice, we will check whether it matches our administration and pay it the following weekend or weekend thereafter. You may always send your invoice if you have completed an assignment and you can also use one invoice for multiple assignments to save administration work. This is totally up to you! ​

To speed up the assessment of the invoice, we would like you to put the project name on the invoice. The project name is as follows: ​
Client-2english (if a project had multiple language combinations, please specify the target language)​
Client-2.1 (if it concerns a specific part, your project manager will inform you of this)​
Translation-internal (for internal assignments)​
Translation-sample (for sample translations) ​​

Are you not sure? You can always request an overview from Martijn Logtenberg.
Based on initial assignment

This is the easiest and fastest way. You do not have to do anything and you will receive full payment within two weeks (after the project has been completed by the project manager). All completed projects will be paid out every weekend. Compensations below 15 euros will be held and saved to reduce banking costs. These will always be paid out upon request.

You can see for which assignments you have been paid on your transcript. This is according to the following format:

Client-2 (or another number) EUR 99,99 (this is the compensation for the assignment), Client-1 EUR 99,99.

​ If you do not know which assignments are meant, please contact Martijn Logtenberg. ​

Note: Tax obligations are NOT included in this option. You will have to report what you have received from us to your tax authorities. This is your own responsibility.
Extra compensation repetitions:

All translations are being done in our CATtool: SmartCAT. This system selects words when a complete segment matches another segment of 75% or more. This means that SmartCAT copies the previously translated segment to the new segment. ​​

This ‘translation memory’ increases our productivity. Nevertheless, we do expect you to read through the segments to see whether they are indeed the same and to adjust where necessary. That is why you get paid 25% for all repetitions. It works as follows: ​

A document contains 10,000 words, 300 of which are repetitions. You will be paid for 9,700 words, according to your rate per word. For the other 300 words we pay 25%, so: 300 x 0.25 = 75 words. You will receive a total payment for 9,775 words. ​ ​

With this approach, we believe we compensate you fairly for all the work you do, while at the same time not having to pay unnecessarily for texts that contain many repetitions. ​​

Before accepting a project, you will be notified of the compensation, including the calculated repetitions, which is the absolute total amount that you will receive for the project. Therefore, you don’t have to calculate anything yourself.